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A Journey through History with Our Colonial Furniture Online in India

The word "colonial" often evokes a sense of nostalgia with a cosy and wooden interior image of a bygone era, reminding a remarkably eventful period when European imperialist forces colonised numerous countries. Their legacy endures through the introduction of classic light-themed colonial furnishings. If you too admire the allure of such furniture, Curves and Carvings offers an exquisite selection of colonial furniture in Mumbai and other cities across India, sure to captivate you with its warmth and durability.

Why are people embracing colonial furniture in their modern interiors?

Experiencing a resurgence in furniture trends, the search for colonial furniture online has regained popularity. While the appeal of intricate craftsmanship and heavy woodworking declined during the early 2000s, it has morphed into a strong comeback in the form of classic French furniture. It is now considered a premium choice among many contemporary designer furniture in India. So, what has been the customer's reason for buying colonial furniture and its strong resurgence? Here is a probable explanation for this phenomenon:

Increased Exposure:  With famous OTT channels like Netflix and Hotstar, Indian audiences now have direct exposure to the latest home interiors and their furnishings. It has led to a strong demand for colonial and Victorian home furniture and furnishings. At the same time, traditional Indian furniture had long focused on heavily carved and ornate furniture genres, and it quickly transformed into sleek wooden texture with undulations of French and Italian origins. With our reduced floor space at home and increased expectations, the focus has now shifted to light looks with long-term durability.

Colour theme: While the colonial style traditionally favours neutral tones like browns and greys, there is also a trend of incorporating a touch of modernism by introducing a blend of whites and other pastel colours. This lively, serene and soothing colour theme is flattering for anyone who lays eyes upon it. 

Classic teak: With its natural warm, rich look, teak not only exudes a magnificent aura but also radiates exceptional beauty. Whether it's a sofa or a simple armchair, judiciously blend these wooden beauties with your home interiors to amplify your home's visual and cosy feel.

Goes well with modern aesthetics: If you've recently purchased luxury furniture in India and find yourself contemplating what to place beside it, colonial furniture is the perfect choice. The exquisite charm of colonial pieces can splendidly complement surroundings and elevate the overall ambience of your space.

Why Choose Curves and Carvings for Colonial Furniture Online?

  • Exquisitely crafted and high-quality furniture.
  • Explore customised offerings that perfectly match your taste and style.
  • Benefit from seven years of exceptional expertise and service.
  • India's exclusive destination for teak wood designer furniture.

Serving You with Awe-Inspiring Colonial Furniture at Curves and Carvings!

If you long for this royal ambience, Curves and Carvings' collection is sure to fulfil your dreams. Each piece is a masterpiece, skilfully crafted by artisans to revive the timeless charm of the vintage era. Go through our offerings in colonial and Victorian furniture in Mumbai to add a touch of the royal era to your home!

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