How to Choose an Ideal Designer Sofa?

How to Choose an Ideal Designer Sofa?

When setting up the living room, the focus is on the theme and the kind of furniture. Amongst all the other elements of the living room, a sofa greatly impacts the look and feel of the room. Addressing the elephant in the room, our Sofa, let’s dig deep into finding the best sofa for our living room.


The living room is one space that is used for various activities around the house, it’s the place to lounge, eat, drink with friends, and spend lazy weekends with family. Hence, you must invest decent amount of time researching for the right kind of sofa.

Here are some helpful tips for you to choose the right designer sofa.

  • Don’t commit to it, before you test it – It’s the same as testing a mattress. I’m sure you do the bottom test, before buying a mattress. Well, do the same for the sofa. Check for the seat depth, the comfort it provides, the level of back support, the height of the seat, design, etc. Try and buy the designer sofa that suits your family’s preference, the best. For instance, if you are a family of two, that likes sitting with legs up, then pick the sofa that is deep enough to fit you both. You can also opt for a recliner sofa or a chaise, but mind you, these are good one-person accommodation options.

  • The Frame deserves all the Hype – The quality of the frame is directly proportional to the life of the sofa. Through the years of lounging, the sofa with a high-quality frame is sure to outlast the one with an average frame. Hence, the importance of a high-quality frame can’t be denied. A solid hardwood frame is the most recommended option. 

  • Comfortable Cushions – The feather-filled cushions are the best comfortable options for Sofa back and seat filling. While comfortable, they might need occasional plumping. The foam and fiber fillings, on the other hand, flatten out and tend to lose shape over time. The perfect option would be a combination of the two. You can always try and test, and then make the right choice. 

  • Fabric for the aesthetics – Bold colours, patterned sofa, or a neutral color, the upholstery fabric comes in all different options. Your designer sofa must look plush, sophisticated, and above all, it must survive the tests of time. For instance, if the sofa would be placed near a window, then choose the right material that can withstand the strong sunlight. In case, you have a pet at home, make sure the fabric is easy to clean. Be sure to pick the right fabric as per your utility. 

  • Not too bulky – Honestly, this is a deal-breaker. Imagine a sofa that is bulky and leaves no space for you to walk? This is why the size of the furniture is very important. Measure the sofa to understand, how a particular size of furniture can change the complete feel of the space. One major tip that can help you find the right sofa to fit in your space, is to cut the shape of the sofa from the newspaper and see the amount of space left for you to walk in the room.


We hope, this article was helpful in your quest for the best designer sofa. If you are in search of a designer sofa in Pune, then we, at Curves and Carvings, can help you with our exclusive designs, high-quality material, and amazing finish. 


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