How to Identify Victorian Furniture?

How to Identify Victorian Furniture?

Victorian Furniture is a style of antique furniture that came into prominence during the Queen Victoria’s Reign i.e. from 1837 to 1901. This furniture brings heavy nostalgia and huge waves of elegance with its design and style. Victorian furniture items hold value for their elegance and their opulence. Grandeur and elaborate are two aspects that are associated with Victorian furniture.

How Can One Find Victorian Furniture?

Before looking for colonial furniture online, one has to know all about the Victorian furniture. This blog revolves around what kinds of Victorian furniture are available and what iconic features this furniture possesses so that finding the ideal furniture becomes easier.

Have a look at some of the common Victorian furniture styles:

Jacobean Revival

The Jacobean Revival began in the late 18th century and combined the factory-made furniture with the Jacobean era. This mostly covers wide and flat designs with molded ornamental twists in the designs.

Spindled chairs, storage chest, circular tables, were very common among these times.

Renaissance Revival

These furniture items are defined by their bold furniture and comparatively heavier pieces. In contrast to multiple other style of furniture, these are stronger and masculine in their appearance. Instead of floral or ornamental designs, there is a heavy usage of human figures or animal figures on these furniture pieces.

Rococo Revival

This furniture has an extensive use of flora, fruits, and shell motifs. These furniture pieces are often crafted using Rosewood and Mahogany. Another common aspect of this furniture is that its upholstery is tufted. One can identify these furniture pieces with their round corner and curvaceous structures.

The Appearance of Colonial Furniture

If you are looking for Victorian Furniture in India, make sure that you know about their appearance. Victorian furniture is formal and consists of elaborate detailing. While the styles can be varying but all the styles would accompany elaborate detailing.

The provincial Victorian Furniture is ideal for all those people who are looking for something that is non-fussy and elegant. In addition to the appearance of the furniture, check the furniture for its condition.

Some Tips Before Your Purchase

  • Peeling, bubbling or anything else can be an expensive affair for you. While buying colonial furniture online, try to be as careful as you can be.
  • Victorian Furniture is grand and should be introduced in rooms that are big and have higher ceilings. Introducing Victorian furniture in smaller rooms is only going to make it look cluttered.
  • Look for mahogany and rosewood furniture as they are the most compatible colonial furniture wood.

Consider all the parameters given in this blog before you buy a Victorian furniture for your living room. To purchase the ideal luxury and designer furniture, visit Curves and Carvings and explore our collection of luxurious furniture.


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