Curves & Carvings Signature Collection Sofa - C&C SOF0258

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As this order will be custom made only for you, 50% advance Payment is mandatory to place your order. You can make this payment using our Payment Gateway. We accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Debit Cards and Netbanking. For more details, please check the payment terms on this page below


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Disclaimer – External Design Painting, if shown in photograph above will be charged extra.


  1. We provide FREE DELIVERY across all major Indian cities. We can also arrange delivery to all major International cities.
  2. We provide upto home delivery in city corporation limits only. In case of apartment society, courier will unload goods in society premises only. For delivery outside City coroporation limits, customer needs to arrange their own transportion from nearest delivery point. Please refer our Shipping policy to know more.
  3. Octroi / LBT / Entry Tax or any other new government tax at the time of delivery will be levied extra on invoice value at actuals, if applicable.
  4. Bulk Orders can be serviced anywhere in India. We offer very attractive pricing in case you are looking to purchase majority of your household furniture from us. Please write to us on Or call on 07722080791 to know more.
More Information
Model Number C&C SOF0258-IND
Description This Sofa is custom made to your requirements.
1. Please note that Sofa Fabric / Leatherette shown in image is just a representation. Our Sofas by default are upholstered with fabric / leatherette in range of Rs 750 per sq meter. In case of you want to opt for higher range of fabric / leatherette, the differential cost will be charged extra on actuals. You also have the option of buying upholstery fabric / leatherette yourself and courier the same to us.
2. By default, we provide Foam Seat cushions with 42 density. This can be customized to your required foam density as well.
3. Customisation of paint, polish or fabric is possible after making advance payment. Kindly get in touch with us.
Center table and Side table are not part of this package. However in case you are interested to purchase the same. Here is the pricing, Center table ( L 40" X W 24" X H 20")- Rs 32995, Side table (L 21" X W 16" X H 22")- Rs 16995.
Made of Teak Wood
Shape 3 + 2 + 1 Seater, Custom option available to alter no of seats, i.e 2 Seater, 1 Seater etc
Dimensions Standard Dimensions : 3-Seater- L 72" X H 41" X D 30", 2-Seater - L 54" X H 41" X D 30", 1-Seater- L 30" X H 41" X D 30"
Assembly Assembled
Delivery Time (No of Days) 55
Storage Space No
Mode of Shipment Road
What is Included? Sofa Set with Upholstery
What is not Included? Centre Table, Side Tables, Display Unit, Console, Fireplace, Dresser, Mirror, Paintings, Carpet, Cushions, Lighting Fixtures, Any other Artifacts

Payment Terms

As this order will be custom made only for you, Here are our payment terms.

1. 50% advance Payment is mandatory to place your order.

2. 25% payment, when your order is ready with us. We will send you the High Resolution Images of Product to get your confirmation for dispatch. Once we receive this payment and confirmation of next payment, your order will be dIspatched from our end.

3. 25% payment while receiving the goods at your end (in form of Bank Draft)

For Customers in India- We accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards, Netbanking, Bank Account Transfer thru NEFT /  RTGS / IMPS and Cheque /Draft Drop

For customer doing Bank Account Transfer thru NEFT /  RTGS / IMPS, Cheque /Draft Drop, Here are our Bank account details

Account Name- Curves and Carvings Retail

Account Number- 005805008268

Bank - ICICI Bank,

IFSC Code- ICIC0000058

Mohali, Chandigarh

You can cancel the order within 3 days to get the full refund. In case you have paid through payment gateway, we will refund the amound received in our account (as payment gateway levies their commission charges called MDR ranging from 1-3% ).

For Cancellations beyond 3 days, we will not be in position to refund this amount.



At C&C, We are ever happy to assist you in making right purchase decisions. A whole lot of customers continue to seek information to furnish their homes in India and overseas. No-one understands your purchase concerns better than C&C.  Based on our interaction and accumulated wisdom of personally speaking with 3000+ customers, we now bring to you a ‘furniture purchase guide’ in form of FAQs. Apart from calling us on 0091 7722080791 / or writing us on you can also post your questions on this forum to seek accurate guidance. 

  1. Where is your Showroom in India?

    We have our company showroom in Chandigarh. Our address is SCF-24, Phase 7, Mohali 160061. Chandigarh is well connected by Road, Railway and Air Network. Metro cities airports like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore have direct flights to-and-fro to Chandigarh airport.

  2. Do you make this furniture yourself or is it imported from China?

    We do not import any furniture item from China. All our furniture is hand-crafted ‘Made in India’ by our skilled artisans.

  3. What is wood used for manufacturing Furniture shown in your website

    We use only M.P / Nagpur government auctioned Grade 1 Teak wood (Sagwaan) for manufacturing our furniture along with waterproof termite resistant Teakboard. Teakboard is also sourced from renowned companies.

  4. How do we know wood used is Teak wood or not anything else?

    We encourage you to get our furniture checked from your trusted expert for the same. If someone can prove us wrong, you can claim full refund of what you paid to us.

  5. Is your bed fully made of Teakwood, what about other furniture items like Wardrobe, Chairs, Sofa, Table etc made by you?

    We face this query quite often. Here is explanation that how this works in our case. 


    Headboard and Footboard are entirely made of Teakwood. Only in case of bed storage box, teakboard is used. Mattress bases are made of teakboard.

    In case of beds without storage, entire bed is made of teakwood.


    Sidetable frame is made of teakwood and teakboard. Drawers inside are also made of teakboard. Top is done in teakply.


    Sofasets, Chairs

    Made entirely of Teakwood.


    Tables, Dining Tables, Consoles

    Made entirely of Teakwood except Table top, which is done in teakply.

    Cabinet, Wardrobe

    Frame made of Teakwood. Other parts made of teakboard, finished with teak veneer. Door frames are made of teakwood with carvings.


  6. What if we want furniture fully made of Teakwood?

    It can be done with limitations of finish, that too at exorbitant pricing.

    For ex- if you are looking for bed boxes made in teak, one should be able to source at least 7 X 3.5 feet of multiple planks cut through the teakwood tree truck. Any one versed with timber industry will know how difficult and expensive this is to come by.

    Other option is to use small multiple planks to make up for length and width, this will make structure inherently weak, along with the fact that the quality finish will never be achieved in this case.

  7. Will we get an exact quality and finish as shown in your website? Can we see your products to understand their quality and finish?

    We strive to get exact Quality and finish as is displayed in our website. However, you must understand these are hand-crafted products, and that wood grains differ from tree to tree. As a result, there may be a possibility of slight variation in finish of particular products. Generally, you can expect 85-90% match when it comes to finish and quality.

  8. I have a flat in Bangalore? Will it be possible for someone from your side to come and take measurements?

    If it is a flat / villa you are looking to get fully / partially furnished, we can definitely send someone from our side to go and take the measurements on-site. We do that free of cost, once we have received an advance amount from your side.

    Alternatively, we charge you for return airfare ex-Delhi (for > 250 km travel), local travel & fooding amount for one individual for one day.

  9. I need some of my furniture like Wardrobe to be fixed with wall? Will you do that for us?

    In case you are getting flat / villa furnished from us, we will do onsite installation of all items. In case of single or few items purchase, you will have to get installation done locally. We reserve the right to offer installation on case to case basis.

  10. Do you have any more designs than ones shown on your website?

    Yes, we have many more designs. Unfortunately, we do not have soft copies of those goods. Those designs are available with us in hard copy catalogue formats. In any case, you can google the design of your liking; we can make the same for you as long as it is in wood.

  11. I am looking for classical theme for my Mumbai flat. Can you do interior designing for the same (Here are some images for your reference)? How much do you charge per sq feet for turnkey project?

    Yes, we can do classical / modern theme anywhere. In case of turn-key project, we can also do full interior designing along with execution anywhere across India. Our rates start from Rs 5000 per sq feet onwards. This will include flooring, ceiling, furniture, lighting, plumbing, bathrooms, kitchen, decor, furnishings etc of reputed brands. (Our standard package does not include electronic and electrical items)

  12. Will you provide 3-D drawing for my Flat/Villa/ Bungalow? How much do you charge?

    We can provide 3-D drawing for your premises, once we receive floor plan from your side. We charge Rs 50 per sq feet for doing the same.

  13. Where does your manufacturing takes place?

    We have a mix of our own manufacturing and external sourcing. We source our products from our contractual vendors all across India depending upon complexity of your order, delivery location, skill set required and other factors. Our sourcing team make sure that these products meet our Manufacturing quality and finish criterion.

  14. Where does the dispatch happens from?

    Dispatch can happen from anywhere across India depending upon atrisan skill set required for executing your order. However our quality team ensure that all products are made to our defined standards, packaged and despatched to all India and overseas locations.

  15. Can we see your products to understand their quality and finish?

    Yes, you are most welcome to our showroom at Chandigarh to exprience that.

  16. Will I get to inspect goods before I take delivery of goods?

    If you are buying multiple items for us, we insist on your coming to inspect the goods at our location. In fact, in India we offer our customers free return air ticket to do that. This allows you to point out any unlikely discrepancy / dissatisfaction with goods, and if required, we can work on it our factory immediately.

  17. Why should we pay you 50% upfront? How can I trust you with my payment?

    We customize furniture to meet your specific requirement of dimensions, fabric, colour etc. We charge 50% upfront to protect our interest, and the fact that once we have accepted your payment, we are legally bound to deliver committed product.

    You have as much reason to trust us as you do with your neighbourhood store. We are professionally managed Pvt. Ltd. Company duly registered with registrar of companies in India. We are also certified exporter. You can view our company and promoters credentials by clicking here.

  18. How do we do fabric / leatherette selection? Can you send swatches of fabric / leatherette?

    We use fabric / leatherette priced upto Rs 750 per sq meter wholesale pricing. We prefer our customers to purchase fabric / leatherette in local market and send it us. If that is not possible, we expect you to indicate your preferred colour for the same. We will send you the choices available in market via Whatsapp.

  19. What extent of customisation is possible in your furniture?

    We can customise furniture as per your requirement. Full customisation is a probability for all items at incremental pricing. 

  20. Can your carpentry team work on my premises, so that I know what is getting built?

    Once you have contracted your work to us, we discuss entire detail with you thoroughly and if required provide you with 3-D drawings. Our team manufactures the same in our factory premises, and transport the same to your premises. Our installation team will come and stay at your premises for installation. Sorry, we do not manufacture goods on premises, and make that filthy.

  21. I don’t want any people on my premises; can you manufacture all outside and only do an installation here?

    Yes, we prefer that way only. Only installation is done by team at your premises.

  22. Can you tell us where all you have worked / sent goods to?

    Please refer to the link for sample of some of our work.

  23. Most of your website images are from other sites. We need to see real live images of your furniture. Can you send the same to us?

    Please refer to the link for sample of some of our work.

  24. What do you suggest is better, polished or painted furniture?

    As an expert, we will recommend polished surface for your everyday heavy items like Beds, Wardrobes, Sofa sets and Dining sets. For other items, both polish and PU paint works best. The reason for not recommending PU paint for heavy items is it doesn’t last long. Painted furniture is most likely to develop joint cracks, or is prone to paint chipping off.

  25. We need furniture on an emergency basis to gift at our ward’s marriage, Can you do that?

    We can choose to work on emergency basis. However, the express pricing will be levied for the same.

  26. We get a really nice turkish furniture our here. Can’t imagine anyone can match that in India, do you claim to do that.    

    We do not claim to match anyone. What we do claim is that you will get goods made in genuine teak wood, crafted in best way, and finished to the perfection. It will be Indian; you may choose to call that Turkish or Italian.

  27. Can you provide us some customer reference for verifying your claims?  

    Please check the testimonial section on our website for the same. As for verification, you are free to conduct your own due diligence. 

  28. Do you also make Modern / Contemporary furniture?

    We can make any wooden furniture irrespective of their design and genre.

  29. I have a specific design requirement. Can you make it for me from image?

    Yes, we can do it for you as long as it’s in wood.

  30. In case of any dispute or arbitration with you post purchase, How will we resolve that? 

    In this kind of remote scenario where we are not able to resolve our differences amicably, we subject ourselves to jursidiction and arbitration of laws and statues of state of Uttar Pardesh (UP). 

Warranty / Terms

All our furniture are made by finest artisans using high quality wood and raw materials in our state of art facilities. In a hightly unlikely event that the product having a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the product free of cost.

We offer three year workmanship warranty for all furniture products purchased from us. Please note that there is no warranty on wear and tear items like fabric / leathereete, foam and cushions, as they are usage dependent items.

Knowing your item: Please note that wood has inherent qualities such as marginal differences in stain and varnish, unique grain patterns etc. These are visible on a finished product and result in two otherwise identical items looking different. These are natural features of wood that provide character to each piece of wooden furniture and are accepted as per Industry standards. Small knots are also sometimes visible on the surface which is filled in by the furniture craftsmen during manufacture.

Placing an order: Please check dimensions of the entrance/door to your home/office/shop/building/premise before buying, so as to ensure that there is no problem in getting the product inside. In such a situation we will not be able to accept return or cancellation. There are some items that you will need to assemble on your own. For this item please check the details above. While we provide kits to assemble these items, you will need to arrange your own carpenter for assembly.

For other general terms and conditions, please read various sections like Terms of Sale, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Shipping policy, Returns and Cancellations, Payment policy and others in footer of this website page.