Why buy from us

Glad to inform that we are top ranked by google as india's foremost furniture online store for ‘Designer & Luxury furniture category’.

Here are your 5 reasons why you should be buying your Home Furniture from us.

1. Teak Wood Furniture - We retail furniture made from only Genuine Teak wood (Sagwaan), as against MDF Particle board or Sheesham wood furniture sold by other online sites.

Teak is the best quality wood to come out of Asian region, used for making furniture from centuries due to its inherent durability and long lasting nature. In fact, the older it gets, the better it gets. Typically, a well maintained Teak wood furniture last for generations, and gets in high demand at Premium pricing as ‘Antique furniture’.

We strongly recommend our patrons not to purchase MDF (Medium Density Fibre), as it is not wood and has a very limited shelf life. Sheesham wood on the other hand is a variety of rosewood, which is not suitable for fine craftsmanship.

2. Superb Product Quality - All our Products are hand-crafted by our finest artisans, which have the fine trade-craft passed on to them through generations, which is then perfected by years of hard work. The Quality of our Products remains unmatched. Due to same, our product remains in high demand by discerning customers in India and Overseas.

3. Assured Safe Delivery - We are only online brand to give you Safe delivery Guarantee. "If its broken, its ours", and customer gets refund in 72 hours.

4. Fully Customised Furniture – Our Furniture is customized to your requirement, be it Polish, Deco paint, Fabric or Leatherette, at no extra cost within a reasonable request. No other online site offers you such flexibility.

5. Fully Built Furniture - We only sell fully built teak wood furniture i.e our furniture comes as one piece which doesn’t need to be assembled by you (apart from Bed, which comes in 3 pieces Headboard, Footboard and beds). This lends inherent strength to your furniture, which doesn’t get damaged during shifting, transit or normal wear and tear. This is against the ‘screw fit’ furniture sold by others, which has a very limited shelf life, and typically wears off within couple of years.

We have hundreds of original Products & Designs mix of furniture at our website, in Modern, Antique and Vintage designs. We believe we are the only website to do so in Asian region and across the world.

And we don’t agree with idiom ‘Good things cost good money’. We believe in “Great things at just Prices”, and we offer you just that.

If you are still in doubt, Please call us at 0091 7722080791 or write at contact@curvesandcarvings.com, and we will be glad to answer any of your queries.