A Mumbai Conundrum

A Mumbai Conundrum

A Mumbai Conundrum

As you may know that Curves & Carvings has showroom in Mumbai at Lokhandwala from last 1.5 years now. Our presence in Mumbai has allowed us to develop an insight to specific home interior requirement for Mumbai.

Mumbai residential property pricing and issue of its affordability has always been a limiting factor for flat size of most of Mumbai residents. As a tradeoff between location, pricing and flat space, its flat space which loses out in most of the cases. Limited flat space also limits the interior options and choice of furniture for oneself. But should one’s home dreams be limited by a limitation of carpet area of one’s flat!

Let me call it a conundrum. Its dictionary meaning is ‘confusing of difficult problem or question’. “Can I have a dream interior despite having a limited space availability”. It’s a problem that needs to be solved.

Our interior designer friends have been trying to address this for long. With all due respect to our designer fraternity, cut, copy and paste has only worked in providing functional and eye pleasing solution to this problem. Overtime, most of residences have started to look alike with prolific use of laminates and veneers. Straight line furniture has replaced the aesthetic richness and coziness of colonial and vintage wooden furniture.

Home is not just a place to come back to lazy around or sleep or article for showing off. Our home interior play very important role in our physical and mental well-being. Its imperative to choose all pieces of your home carefully to suit your personality.

I would reckon ideal home to be judicious mix of contemporary, colonial and neo-classical genre. A rightly done home interior with bright colours will make provide the spacious feel to the smaller apartment. This is easier said than doing.

Space constraints doesn’t really mean a lesser space, it only calls for a smart layout planning. Laminates, Veneers and dark shades do make constrained space looks heavy and fuller. Instead, one may use rattan, cane, wall papers, glass and separators with smart lighting to give it a richer and spacious feel. Victorian wall moldings are much in trend, as are pastel colours window and door frames. We shall elaborate more on it in separate post.

As for furniture, one may explore neo-classical furniture. Neo-classical genre simply focuses on wooden shapes instead of tradition carving (images enclosed). One of the elements that still characterizes this style is the perfect combination of details, clear geometries and linear shapes. It lends a stand-alone rich and elegant character to your interiors, and make it look clean and classy.Neo Colonial Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom

However, to do that one must understand these 3 genres of furniture and how they their right fusion can create an amazing home for you. Most of interior designers may not able create that magic, as it requires experience specific expertise, and none of interior schools are focused on creating that.

At Curves and Carvings, being a manufacturer in B2C domain, we have definite expertise to work with your interior designs to create that dream home for you.

All it needs is a vision and time to bring that dream alive! Get in touch with us to know more.

(Vikas Maini founded India’s first and only website selling Customized luxury teak wood furniture (www.india.curvesandcarvings.com), specializing in Antique and Vintage designs, with showrooms in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Patiala. Vikas is B.Tech & MBA graduate, and has worked with MNCs like Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and other in their Sales and Marketing function for 12+ years before starting Curves & Carvings)