Shipping Policy

Product Packaging

We ensure that you get your furniture absolutely safe and scratch-free. We pack your furniture in multiple layer packaging material.

We pack furniture using following procedure.

  • Furniture can be in single piece or in parts. So Furniture parts are numbered for assembly and packed individually. 
  • First the Furniture is covered in bubblewrap followed by corrugated box, then if required dry grass and nylon wrap packaging is done.
  • Then wooden cage box is made, which is then stuffed with paper scrape and thermocol sheet is kept on all sides, finally iron / plastic striping is done on it. Finally Name and address is written on this wooden box.

See our Packaging Video by clicking here

For Re-assembling of products follow the following steps.
Match and Join the parts of the Furniture with its coding numbers given as 1, 2, 3 etc.

Shipping Policy

We use market leading renowned companies like Safexpress and GATI for delivery of our products. We will share your order tracking number with you so that you can check the transit status of your order online.

Kindly note few important points

A. C&C will be responsible for delivery of your order to your address outside your premises, on the ground. Once you have inspected the goods on the ground and accepted the delivery, C&C responsibility and promise of Safe delivery of your order ends right there.

B. You agree to make your own arrangements for smooth carriage of goods from outside your apartment / House or complex to your doorstep irrespective of the floor your may reside / or want to place goods ordered. C&C will not be responsible and liable for any damage to goods during such a transfer /movement.

C. C&C does not take any responsibility whatsoever at the time of delivery on the ground that access to your desired location is not possible (e.g. doorway too small, insufficient space to maneuver the furniture through the premises, road inaccessible to delivery van, etc.). Before ordering, you are under an obligation to ensure that there is adequate room to take your purchased furniture through any doorways and windows of your premises, taking note of any restricted passageways, stairs and awkward turns.