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Furniture is a very important part of our home interiors. A beautifully appointed home gives one an uplifting feeling, and adds to the soothing and serence ambience at home. Our luxury furniture in Gurgaon do just that by providing a welcoming environment and giving a very comfortable feeling to all your rooms

To ensure that one must focus to have a furniture that complements one's personality and is reliable and durable. At Curves and Carvings, we understand your concerns well. We offer our customers customised teak wood furniture in widest range at Gurgaon. We specialised in making Antique furniture, colonial furniture and royal furniture of genres among others. Be it coloinial beds or Antique sofa at Gurgaon, our luxury furniture match the highest standards of quality and durability. Customization is the key in each of our designs and that makes our relationship with the customers a long lasting one.

Our highly qualified and well experienced craftsmen are exceptionally great in building furniture that matches your personality. Our passion and love towards building royal furniture in Gurgaon has helped us gain popularity of being the best furniture store.

Welcome to Curves and Carvings – the best furniture store for Royal furniture, Antique furniture and Classic furniture with the widest and finest range of royal beds, antique sofas, colonial dining tables, teak wood console and so much more. Enjoy shopping for the best antique furniture in Gurgaon or anywhere from the comfort of your home. Expect a hassle-free and effortless delivery service that adds to the pleasant service we provide at Curves and Carvings.